Fullchamp Technologies Co., Ltd. is Ronal Group's only manufacturing plant in Asia, specializing in forged wheel products, such as truck wheels, car wheels, and motorcycle wheel. It has professional teams that engage in product development, testing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and marketing to promote its products all over the world.


3, Yan-Ping 6th Road, Chu-Shan Town, Nantou 55774, Taiwan R.O.C.

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Jun.29, 2023 Taiwan Forward! Fullchamp Forward, too!

Broadcast on 27 May 2023, the complete documentary series "Taiwan Forward" explores Taiwan's unique achievements and its importance on the global stage from three perspectives: healthcare, technology and education. Through these stories, the achievements and prides shared by Taiwanese are highlighted, inspiring confidence and strength to move forward.

Fullchamp is not the largest company in Taiwan's wheel industry, but it is the ONLY wheel manufacturer to be interviewed in the documentary.Under the guidance of the general manager and through the theme of bilingual education, describe how Fullchamp actively promotes bilingualization.

In the documentary, Fullchamp's General Manager talks about the painful period that the company went through after being part of the Ronal Group in 2012, especially in terms of English language communication and the need to convert from Chinese to English in order to bring out the technical skills of the employees and transform them into a truly foreign company. The documentary then goes on to introduce Fullchamp's initiatives as follows.

Bilingualism in Fullchamp

All factory maps, operating documents, forms and even staff restaurant menus are multi-lingual, so that what employees see, hear and translate into writing can all be used naturally in an English-speaking environment.

Career Development

Employees are encouraged to improve/evaluate their English compentency through the TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication) test and their performance will be taken into account in their appraisal and promotion.

While the Taiwanese government set out in 2017 to achieve its bilingual policy goal by 2030, Fullchamp has been a corporate leader since 2012, when it began a 'forward' of its internal language transformation programme.

Fullchamp will keep forwarding & never stop!

Taiwan Forward! Fullchamp