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Fullchamp > News  > Jun.16, 2023 Fullchamp Voluntary Launches "Carbon Emission Verification" in Line with Net Zero Emission

Jun.16, 2023 Fullchamp Voluntary Launches "Carbon Emission Verification" in Line with Net Zero Emission

“We are on track to achieve the key goal of becoming completely CO2-neutral by 2050”

Oliver Brauner, CEO RONAL GROUP

In line with the headquarter's PLANBLUE concept, Fullchamp held a further "Carbon Emission Verification" kick-off meeting on 2023.06.08 to actively move towards the goal of carbon neutrality, with the General Manager himself acting as the chairperson and overseeing the operation of the the team. The project team is made up of 22 colleagues from across the departments and will continue to operate until the end of October 2023, with subsequent regular annual audits.

2022.03 Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission has requested listed companies to complete a greenhouse gas verification in phases by 2027. Although Fullchamp is not included in the list of requirements for the first phase, the general manager understands that the only way to start formulating carbon reduction plans and strategies is to take verification and understand the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions of the company as soon as possible.

The first training session on 16.06.2023 was conducted by Dr. Jiaxian Zhu from Yunlin University of Science and Technology, who explained how Fullchamp employees can understand the EU's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and its impact on the aluminium industry in the context of ESG sustainability. Only with this knowledge and understanding can Fullchamp continue to maintain its advantage by starting a zero-carbon initiative.

It is expected that 2023.06 will be followed by a course on ISO 14064-1 and greenhouse gas verification and quantification. Through the professional courses, the team will build up their environmental knowledge and understanding step by step, which will help them to complete the environmental data verification, which will certainly drive upstream and downstream suppliers to move towards net zero.

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