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Jul.07, 2023 Have Fun in Summer! Fullchamp Sponsored Sports Camp

This summer, Fullchamp sponsored the first 3-days Sports Camp (07/03~07/05) for Catholic Rose Empowerment Centre, which was attended by 22 participants from the Centre, as well as students from special education classes in the community school district and members from related social welfare organizations with total 44 attendess "Having Fun in Summer!"

During the three days camp, through the guidance of professional yoga and physical fitness teachers, participants were able to train their hand-eye coordination, thigh muscle endurance and body stretching and relaxation, increase participation in dynamic activities, and enhance physical and mental health during sports games and activities.

Fullchamp's General Manager praised the participants, volunteers, and partners for their efforts in participating in the sports event in the hot weather, and the smiles on the faces of all the participants, which made the camp a success! The Fullchamp team also went to the closing ceremony to present awards to the winners. It was also great to hear that the participants and volunteers were very happy with the delicious lunches sponsored by Fullchamp over the 3 days and the organiser was kind enough to present a certificate of appreciation to Fullchamp for the dedication!

Fullchamp has been sponsoring the Centre for a long time, and since 2015, it has been sponsoring the establishment of the Special Olympics Boccia Team. We hope to continue to inspire a far-reaching impact through our small efforts, so that the lovely Slow Flying Angels can attend activities and show their vitality without any worries. The Boccia Team is expected to continue to join related sports events in October this year, and we wish them every success!

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