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Jun.12, 2023 "There Is No Best, Only Better" Fullchamp Won National QCC Awards Again!

The Fullchamp QCC team participated in the 214th National Quality Management Circle (QMC) Conference on 09 June 2023 and won the "Outstanding Group Award" and the "National Quality Circle Leader Award" from 24 teams across the country. Actually, Fullchamp acquired the awards in 2022 and this year we did it again! The team members would like to thank the Fullchamp General Manager for his continuous encouragement and support, and the Fullchamp QCC team for representing the company in the national competition with the spirit of "there is no best, only better".

The theme of this year's award-winning team was "Reducing Lubricant Consumption in Milling Process", which achieved a significant 30% reduction in lubricant consumption through the QCC (Quality Control Circle) activity. The team members worked together to analyse and solve the problems they faced through the application of quality control statistics to achieve their the improvement goals.

This is the second time that Mr. Lin, who won the leader award, has led his team to participate in QCC activities. In the daily maintenance of equipment, as long as we pay attention, we can find many opportunities for improvement, and as the saying goes, everyone has the ability to improve and there is room for improvement everywhere. At the same time, he has been able to pass on his experience and knowledge to other colleagues, and it is most rewarding for him to see those who did not dare to present their ideas on stage being able to talk about them later!

Fullchamp has been promoting QCC (Quality Control Circle) activities since June 2016 and is now in its 11th year. Fullchamp General Manager anticipates that all employees work together with the core spirit of QCC as continuous improvement. Also, we keep reflecting the goals of IATF 16949, having effective risk control to achieve continuous improvement, defect prevention, reduce abnormalities and waste, and promote the core value of "Process management" and "Customer orientation."

There is no best, only better !