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Jul.21, 2023 Environmental Education Journey - Good Neighbor Visit in Summer!

Earlier this year, the 3-month environmental education journey "Spring Chapter for Elementary School Students" ended on 2023.05.31, and this summer, the "Summer Chapter for Fullchamp's Good Neighbor" was launched! We are inviting Fullchamp's neighbours as Yen Cheng Community Development Association to come together with a total of 10 residents, to experience the environmental education activity and know about Fullchamp's efforts in the area of water resources. The General Manager of Fullchamp welcomes the good neighbours in the community to exchange ideas and work together for a better environment in local community.

One of the participants shared, "There are so many processes to complete a wheel rim! Luckily, Fullchamp has constructed a wastewater recycling system so that the wastewater can be reused." Another participant said, "Today's activity has given me a lot of inputs and I really admired Fullchamp for keeping the environment inside and outside the factory beautiful and comfortable. I hope that we can organise more activities like this in the future so that more people will get to know Fullchamp".

The chairman of the community association said that it was a great honour to participate in such a meaningful activity, and she understood more about the company next to the community, in addition to operation, for the environment and water resources, the whole company puts in so much effort, and the results are very positive, which is what the community is happy to see, and she hoped that the neighbourhood will continue to communicate and help each other in the future!

The General Manager of Fullchamp believes that community co-prosperity is the direction we have been striving for, and this activity has received positive comments from the community, which means that Fullchamp is doing the right thing and will continue to do so. The next activity is scheduled at the end of August 2023, and we will invite our partners from the local Chu-Shan Ecological Conservation Association to participate in the event, hoping to gather the ecological associations' perspectives and scope of views in the hope of opinion exchanges will lead to more sparks of different thoughts. Let's look forward to the next environmental education journey!

Keep doing the right thing!