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Aug.15, 2023 The More We Give, The More We Receive - Fullchamp Stands With Community Schools

Over the years, Fullchamp has been adhering to the original intention of "what is taken from the society, is used in the society", supporting community schools and children's education in various fields, and playing the role of what a responsible enterprise should do, and when we see the face of every smiling child, we are very sure that "The More We Give, the Greater We Receive!"

[Reading Compelling] Year of 2018

Reading is enriching and powerful, love reading kids! Fullchamp has set up "study corner" at the community school to help the children in the community fall in love with reading, so that they can enjoy their books and keep their desire to learn new things alive. In addition, we also provide scholarships and grants to give hard-working children real encouragement, and we sponsor stationery and supplies to help children attending community summer learning programmes to learn happily and securely.

[Arts Cultivation] Year of 2017 & 2022

The most important spirit of art lies in the transmission of truth, goodness and beauty. Fullchamp has taken practical actions to adopt the "Children's Drama Club" of the community school, and has injected the support and resources for the club, so that the learning of drama characteristics can be free of worries, and the teachers can focus more on the learning and growth of the students. In addition, in order to provide a stage for community students to create their own art works, local artists and students from community's art classes were invited to design paintings for the exterior walls of Fullchamp's factory with the theme of "Technology for the Future, Towards the World", which became a hot spot for visitors to take photos of the factory as they passed by.

[Education for Sustainability] Year of 2023

Fullchamp has set up solar-powered light boxes in the community campuses to spread the positive spirit of PLANBLUE "Make the environment better! "Fullchamp's General Manager hopes that the initiative will convey the most direct concept of environmental education to students and demonstrate the vision of the enterprise and the community together; as for the "Environment Educational Light Journey" held in the spring of this year, it has been unanimously praised by participated teachers and students, and through the promotion of the concepts of water conservation, water saving and water protection, it has planted the tiny seed of sustainability in the hearts of the community's school children! Preparations for this year's autumn class are onging! Let's wait and see!

To be continued…