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Aug.25, 2023 Environmental Education Journey - Fullchamp Aligns with Ecological Conservation Association

After inviting Fullchamp good neighbours to participate in the environmental education light journey in July this year, we are happy to welcome the local Chushan Qingshui Stream Ecological Conservation Association to visit us at the end of the summer, with a total of 10 partners to participate in this activity, and to exchange the concepts of "Water Respecting, Water Protecting, and Water Friendly" with each other. The General Manager of Fullchamp hopes that through the co-operation, learning, and sharing of experiences with the ecological association every time, we can firmly join hands to move forward on the road of environmental protection.

[Origin of Co-operation]

When Fullchamp entered its 20th anniversary in 2022, the General Manager led all colleagues and family members to cooperate with the Ecological Conservation Association to plant trees and clean the land in the neighbouring "Xiaohuangshan Scenic Area" under the main theme of "Protecting the River, Loving the Earth." The precious relationship is well-maintained to this day with monthly clean-up day along the river bank. We are as good partner together to protect the community environment, and maintain the beautiful mountains and rivers.

[Environmental Education]

After this visit, a participants shared, "It turns out that the manufacturing process of rims is so complicated, and through the operation of the Fullchamp Reclained water system, water resources can be reused, which is in line with the concept of reuse & recycle, which is very correct! Another partner shared, "Usually when the Eco Association conducts tours, we always promote how to care for rivers and water resources. After today's activity, we will especially share during the tours how Fullchamp, a neighbouring enterprise, has been working hard to conserve water and has spared no effort in promoting the concept of environmental education! Fullchamp is a model company for the local community."

[Communities in Good Harmony]

Fullchamp's goal is to make the community work together for the betterment and prosperity of the community, and the positive feedback from this event means that Fullchamp will continue to do the right thing, and we hope that through the power of the company, we can continue to spread the positive spirit of environmental sustainability, which is also the spirit of PLANBLUE! The next autumn term of the Environmental Education Light Journey will be focused on elementary students, which is expected to be held in September, we'll look forward to it!

Keep doing the right thing!