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Jan 15, 2022 Fullchamp 20-Year Anniversary and Year-End Banquet

On the afternoon of 1/15, after completing the meaningful "Xiaohuangshan" tree planting activity, we invited 280 employees and their families, 50 former employees, 20 manufacturers and customers to "Taiyi Ecological Farm" in Puli, 80 kilometers away Have a "Tail Teeth Dinner". "Tail Teeth" is an annual banquet held before the Lunar New Year. It is a way for employers to express their gratitude to their employees, and it is also an opportunity for the company to connect and enhance employees' solidarity.

The "Taiyi Ecological Farm", which has 40,000 pings of garden green space, not only has a gorgeous banquet restaurant, but also rich ecological resources: Butterfly Garden, Insect Ecological Museum, and Cactus Ecological Zone, where colleagues can enjoy delicious meals. Besides, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the beauty of nature.

We have also arranged a series of wonderful programs:

  • The performance of the Gezai Drama Troupe of "Fullchamp Dongpu Glam Troupe"-

In 2015, Fullchamp sponsored the neighboring Yanping Elementary School to set up the " Fullchamp Dongpu Glam Theatre". The theme of this performance: "The Legend of Tea Fragrance Oolong" was adapted from the local legend of Zhushan. In addition to promoting traditional arts and introducing hometown

The story also takes the opportunity to promote local specialties, increase the popularity of the hometown, and let tourists from other places know the beautiful mountains and rivers of Zhushan.

  • Praise the excellent employees who have served in Fullchamp for 10 years - we have prepared exquisite gifts - "Swiss Tissot Watch" and "Commemorative Wheel", and thank the employees for their consistent dedication over the years.
  • Magic show, LED bartending show, bingo game, bonus lottery event, squid game and the final square dance with employees' families.

Finally, we presented Fullchamp's 20th anniversary cap and exquisite commemorative key ring. The chairman of the Welfare Committee also presented each guest with a bunch of bananas, wishing everyone good fortune and money, so that all participating employees and guests can spend a truly happy time one day.