Fullchamp Technologies Co., Ltd. is Ronal Group's only manufacturing plant in Asia, specializing in forged wheel products, such as truck wheels, car wheels, and motorcycle wheel. It has professional teams that engage in product development, testing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and marketing to promote its products all over the world.


3, Yan-Ping 6th Road, Chu-Shan Town, Nantou 55774, Taiwan R.O.C.



Commercial Vehicle Magazine January 2020-FCT of Ronal Group, Europe's largest wheels manufacturer

Rim technology is the "final means" of a car's performance! Whether it is a car, a sports car, a truck trailer, a touring car ... When the development of power technology, body structure, tire technology reaches the extreme, acceleration, fuel consumption, load, cost, life ... it is difficult to improve upwards, this At that time, we must rely on "forged wheels" to end all disputes and set the end specifications! Fortunately, Fullchamp Technology Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer of forged aluminum rims for commercial vehicles in Asia, is in Taiwan, allowing editors to get a closer look at the mysteries of high-grade forged aluminum rims.

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