Fullchamp Technologies Co., Ltd. is Ronal Group's only manufacturing plant in Asia, specializing in forged wheel products, such as truck wheels, car wheels, and motorcycle wheel. It has professional teams that engage in product development, testing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and marketing to promote its products all over the world.


3, Yan-Ping 6th Road, Chu-Shan Town, Nantou 55774, Taiwan R.O.C.

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World leading forged wheels forging technology in Nantou

Fear not for the English Training Fullchamp Becomes Foreign Company from Traditional Industry

When you come to Nantou Zhushan Industrial Area and pass by tea, lanterns, umbrellas and socks factories. Suddenly, you will be surprised by a modern building and innovative plant standing in sight. All luxurious cars like Mercedes, Audi and MASERATI cannot go anywhere without having Fullchamp’s forged aluminum wheels.

Fullchamp was a low-profile company in Chu Shan which exported wheels to the United States, New Zealand OEM car factory for many years. Fullchamp was merged with Europe's largest rims manufacturer Ronal Group in 2011 because Fullchamp has abundant experiences of forged wheels technology. It also becomes the first and only one plant as the group's main marketing and production center in Asia. Specializing in forged truck wheels, passenger car wheels and motorcycle wheels, Fullchamp enters the European automobile market and change into one of the few international companies in Nantou.


Technology and Communication are International Standards to Play World Cup

Mr. Yan-sheng Tsai, general manager of Fullchamp, said "Taiwan's manufacturing industry will not be able to confront the low prices of Chinese manufacturers unless it takes the T&D and international development." Fullchamp forging technology is unique all over the world and all important manufacturing processes pass the strict test of international certification standards. "This is a must to enter the global market. Our heat treatment process has been certified by aerospace criteria. "

In fact, Fullchamp is not only favored by many customers in Europe and the United States. There are 80% of the depots in China selected Fullchamp’s truck wheels; regardless of low-cost tactics adopted by other Chinese companies. Fullchamp, a company from Taiwan with solid product quality, has become the most well-known aluminum wheels brand in China.

Becoming part of a multinational group overnight, Fullchamp has to keep pace with the international track from top to bottom, from the inside out. First of all, to continuous improve what we are expert at, the manufacturing technology, "We continue to improve technology and upgrade equipment. In the past, one person could only take care of one machine, and now one person can take care of three," Mr. Tsai confidently said that, "these two years , we have not only balanced the cost of acquisition, but also produced more than five times the previous capacity! "

Fullchamp also makes progress in human resources. "The salaries are certainly based on international company standards. We also provide benefits like childcare allowance, old-age allowance, children scholarships, etc., and hope to attract talented people to join us." Fullchamp is also starting to require our staff to have English communication skills. "In the past, only sales needed to know English, but now English is used in departments finance, T&D and production. "Mr. Tsai pointed out that since Fullchamp is the only company familiar with forging technology in Ronal Group, its staff need to frequently communicates with headquarters in Swiss and subsidiary in Italy via writing letters, having video conferences or making conference calls in English to discuss technical issues.

" Efficiency really matters to a multinational organization. A problem has to be fixed in a 30-minute conference call, " said the T&D Manager, Mr. Hong-Rui Chen. In the past, our staff did not have experience in communication in English and did not have to use English; therefore, everyone was worried and said if we could hire an interpreter.

Mr. Tsai said in fact it wasn’t easy to require the staff to learn English well, but in order to improve staff’s language ability, the TOEIC test is taken annually to review how much their language ability is improved.


Sending Managerial Staff Overseas for Language Programs with Full Salary Paid

First, we provide resources for English learning. “For the past five years we have provided English programs for tens of time.” said Mr. Tsai. Since 2011, Fullchamp has kept hiring various teachers to provide diverse language programs to motivate the staff to learn English. We focus on training the staff to be able to actually use English at work.

Additionally, if an employee wants to learn English at a language institute or study for a MBA or master degree, the tuition will be reimbursed. Since 2017, we have started sending the management to the language schools in the States or the Philippine for a 12-week language program, during which their full salary was paid. So far, about 10 managers have attended language programs. “ They are still in contact with the people they met overseas after coming back, so they still get to practice English,” said Mr. Tsai.

Moreover, we have established an environment where English is used. Mr. Tsai requires that charts or titles in letters or documents with fewer than 9 words have to be written in English. To give an more intensive training, we send staff overseas for meetings. We want staff to take initiatives to express their opinions. “You would be considered not professional if staying silent at a meeting.”

Right after the merger, an employee was sent alone to the headquarter in Swiss. He was so afraid to speak English that he cried at the meeting. After this incident, he started taking English class and practicing hard. Now he can talk in English at international meetings.

Mr. Chen also found that in an international video conference, foreign colleagues always uses English to reconfirm what other people say in order not to misunderstand each other. Having established environment for staff to speak English, our staff has really had a step up in English.


Using TOEIC to Set Recruitment Criteria and Emphasize Self-Management

Lastly, we enforce the standard for proficiency in English for new recruits. "For example, administrative staff, entry-level supervisors and sales representatives need to have 350,500 and 600 points on TOEIC respectively." Ms. Lai Hui-Ling, head of Fullchamp HR section, said: "Candidates with language skills are preferred in spite of positions and we review employees’ language skills when promotions are offered. "

In addition, the professional image is also required. For example, operators should not smoke cigarettes and chew betel nuts at the working place. Mr. Tsai said, " there was a production line worker who could not stand so many new rules and left the company. After he returned to us, he claimed Fullchamp is a good and organized company. "

Fullchamp is currently promoting the "English Function" project. Each department is required to prepare a job description statement in Chinese and English versions. Colleagues are able to discuss and set the standard of English requirements for the department. The purpose is to have an international standardization of work processes (SOP), facilitate performance management, eliminate errors and improve efficiency.

“One colleague asked me, “my TOEIC is only 200 points, is it possible for me to reach the company target 300 points goal?”  I told him that please don’t worry about your grades. But you have to consider how much English you use at work.” Mr. Tsai stated firmly that he wants to enhance the English ability of every colleague.

"It is growing pain," Mr. Tsai said boldly. For the enterprise development, it is impossible for a company to stay in the same. He hopes all new colleagues could step out of thier comfort zones, broaden their horizons and dare to challenge more opportunities!


Transformation Fullchamp Uses Five Strategies To Improve International Communication

Fullchamp English Ability Training Methods for International Managerial Staff

Management StrategyDescription
Set standards per functionUse TOEIC scores as one of the recruitment requirements, for example, administrative staff with 350 points, the entry-level supervisors with 500 points, and sales staff with 650 points.
Promote English functional project.Each department has to write bilingual job descriptions, and define their own English proficiency requirements.
Provide free internal training English courses.According to employees’ English levels and duties, we have internal English classes once a week.
Send managerial staff to language schools in United States or Philippine.Some managerial staff has attended language school in the United States or the Philippines. They participated in at least 12 weeks intensive English courses with full paid salary during the training.
Provide scholarshipFullchamp reimburses 1/2 tuition for external English courses or work-related on-the-job training.

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