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Aug 15, 2022 Sponsorship Program for Special Olympics Bocce Team

The Rose – St. Coletta Catholic Training Center for Special Needs, is an organization dedicated to supporting people with physical and mental disabilities and vulnerable families.

Since 2015, we have kept in constant contact with the Rose, and participated actively in different kinds of activities with them, such as: donating traffic vehicles, caroling for Christmas, caring for vulnerable family regularly, sponsoring teaching materials, and providing employment opportunities for the disabled.

On 7 May 2022, Fullchamp sponsored the Rose to set up a “Special Olympics Bocce Team”.

In addition to the coaching fees and travel expenses, we also sponsored the uniforms, caps and the court for the bocce team. We hope that through the bocce sport, the slow flying angels can more confidently pursue their own sense of honor.

Bocce is a light activity focusing on the leg muscular endurance. The physically and mentally disabled can learn to use their leg muscles through the guidance of the coach. In addition, it also helps to improve the ability of hand-eye coordination. Most people with disabilities have insufficient hand-eye coordination and concentration. Through this activity, they start learning to focus on the target ball, which is called the jack or the pallino. And then throwing out the bocce ball to get as close to the jack/ the pallino as possible.

Bocce is a relaxed but strategic game. Bocce is also a competitive sport that requires physical, intellectual, emotional, and group adaptation. Players need to have skills such as strategy, accuracy and stability. For physically disabled or cerebral palsy, they gain many emotional and psychological benefits, including self- confidence, social competence, building greater athletic skills and higher self-esteem. We sincerely hope that those slow flying angels exercise independently and promote immunity through the bocce program. And we also look forward to the slow flying angels go abroad to compete in the future.