FullChamp Technology ist die Haupt-Vertriebs- und Produktions-Firma der Ronal-Gruppe (des größten europäischen Herstellers für Fahrzeug-Felgen) im Bereich Asien. Unsere Spezialität ist das Schmieden von LKW-, PKW- und Motorrad-Felgen. Unser hervorragendes Team entwickelt, testet, produziert und vertreibt hochwertige Produkte von gesicherter Qualität für den Weltmarkt.


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Mar. 29, 2024 Fullchamp Once Again Achieved Great Results- Won The Highest Honor of The 215th National Quality Control Circle!

QCC (Quality Control Circle) refers to a small group formed automatically and spontaneously by people in the workplace in order to solve work problems and improve work performance. Through division of labor and cooperation, use simple statistical techniques of quality control (such as checklists, fishbone diagrams, scatter diagrams, histograms, transition diagrams, etc.) to analyze and solve problems encountered at work and to enhance efficiency and achieve performance improvement goals.

Fullchamp began promoting QCC (Quality Control Circle) activities in June 2016 and has now entered its 13th edition.  With the support of officials at all levels and the efforts of all participating colleagues, considerable results have been achieved.  In order to accept the implementation results of QCC, we selected the best group – the administration department 【Spinning in Circles】to participate in the 215th National Quality Control held on March 29, 2024 with the theme of “Reducing the Customer Complaint Rate of Waste Disposers” Circle Conference, and won the highest honor “Excellent Award” and “National Quality Circle Leader”.

“Reducing the complaint rate of waste disposal merchants” is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development SDGs Goal 12 – Promote a green economy and ensure sustainable consumption and production models. It is also the theme of this year’s winning team. Through the promotion of QCC (Quality Control Circle), we have successfully reduced the customer complaint rate of waste disposal merchants to less than 2.75 times per month, and indirectly reduced waste cleanup costs by 66.5%.

Our general manager provides continuous guidance and encouragement, continues to exert the QCC improvement spirit, embodies the goals of IATF 16949, and implements the PLANBLUE concept. Let every employee’s thinking and actions take into account sustainable development, resource conservation, and environmental protection. Through annual goals and systematic environmental management plans, we can reduce resource consumption and waste.