Fullchamp Technologies Co., Ltd. is Ronal Group's only manufacturing plant in Asia, specializing in forged wheel products, such as truck wheels, car wheels, and motorcycle wheel. It has professional teams that engage in product development, testing, manufacturing, quality assurance, and marketing to promote its products all over the world.


3, Yan-Ping 6th Road, Chu-Shan Town, Nantou 55774, Taiwan R.O.C.



Fullchamp sent employees to study abroad : Technology plus English to create world-class strength

A special issue published in Businesstoday’s magazine on January 11, 2019, an exclusive interview with Y.S. Tsai, CEO of Fullchamp Technologies Co., Ltd.

Fullchamp Technologies Co., Ltd. aims to build an international level of strength, optimize English communication skills, directly correspond to foreign engineers, reduce communication gaps, enhance corporate competitiveness, and improve employees’ English with four training measures or program.

1. In-house English language training
2. English functional skills project
3. External learning opportunities subsidy
4. Study abroad language training

Link : 今周刊專訪2019.1.11