FullChamp Technology ist die Haupt-Vertriebs- und Produktions-Firma der Ronal-Gruppe (des größten europäischen Herstellers für Fahrzeug-Felgen) im Bereich Asien. Unsere Spezialität ist das Schmieden von LKW-, PKW- und Motorrad-Felgen. Unser hervorragendes Team entwickelt, testet, produziert und vertreibt hochwertige Produkte von gesicherter Qualität für den Weltmarkt.


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Jan. 06, 2024 Fullchamp 2023 Year-End-Party【We Are Not The Same】

“WeiYa (year-end-party)” is the end of a company’s yearly activities and the prelude to the Spring Festival activities. It is a way for companies to thank their employees, and it is also a way for companies to connect with their employees and increase their centripetal force.

2024/1/6 (Sat) Fullchamp organized the 2023 WeiYa (year-end-party), inviting staff, vendors, guests, and customers, a total of 250 people to join the event. Unlike the past, we specially invited the parents and grandparents of our employees who have reached the age of 65 to enjoy the meal together!

The theme of the event was “We Are Not The Same”. 11 years ago, Fullchamp became a member of the European Swiss Ronal Group. Under the leadership of the General Manager, Fullchamp continues to grow, improve employee welfare, working environment and life, so that employees’ families can feel, and then bring this atmosphere to the neighboring communities and schools, so that colleagues, family members, shareholders, suppliers, customers, and local residents feel that “Fullchamp is really different”.

The Fullchamp Committee boldly adopted the traditional Taiwanese method of “Bàn Zhuō (Outdoor Catering Feast)” to prepare a sumptuous meal for everyone at the event. “Usually, a scaffolding is set up along the roadside, a temple square, or a school playground is used as the venue, and stoves and tables are set up to prepare the food, which is then cooked on site for the invited participants to enjoy together.

In addition to the previous lottery events, the Fullchamp Committee has arranged a series of exciting programs.

ChuShan Elementary School Bunbao Xiqu Troupe

Bu Bu Dai Xiu, also known as “palm opera”, is a local puppet theater in Taiwan. Fullchamp invites local elementary school students to perform in order to pass on the local culture.

Only Music Quartet from ChuShan Junior High School

Students from the local community performed three well-known classical pieces – <Sunrise> Haydn String Quartet Op. 76, No. 4, 3rd movement / <Brincadeira> Hightower Roberts String Quartet and <Libertango> Libertango, a masterpiece by the godfather of tango, Piazzolla.

ChuShan Local Dance Company

The dancers performed folk dances and modern dances, which made the atmosphere very hot.

Established in 2002, Fullchamp is now in its 21st year of operation, and has grown from strength to strength despite the ups and downs along the way. Our growth is due to the hard work and dedication of our employees.

On that day, we prepared a Swiss “Tissot Watch” and a “Fullchamp Memorial Wheel” to thank the three comrades who have been with Fullchamp for the past 10 years.

The 8 partners who have accompanied Fullchamp for 20 years are precious assets. We have prepared a beautiful 20th anniversary service coin to thank them for witnessing the growth of the company, and because of their perseverance and dedication, Fullchamp has been able to overcome the difficulties and continue to move forward.

We especially invited the elders of the staff’s families to thank them for their support and care for Fullchamp. We especially prepared surprise red packets and exquisite gift boxes to express our gratitude. Because of the support of family members, Fullchamp has a stable team to work together, and this makes Fullchamp “We Are Not The Same”.

Last but not least, we presented plum juice from a small farmer to the participating staff and pancake boxes to the guests and their families, which was a perfect ending to the event. It was a truly joyful and fulfilling day for all the staff and guests.

Fullchamp 2023 【We Are Not The Same】